TIME: 12:00PM - 2:00PM


                      14010 UNIVERSITY BLVD

                      SUGAR LAND, TX 77479

                     (NEXT TO UH SUGARLAND CAMPUS)

Do colleges put quotas on Asian American applicants? Do Ivy League colleges have a double standard stacked against Asian students? Is there a higher admission standard imposed on Asian American applicants? What are your chances of being accepted into Ivy League and other elite universities? What is the best way to prepare for admission to the most competitive colleges? 

These are the questions that will be answered by Yvette Amos, President/Owner of Vantage College Advisors at the Ivy Prep seminar scheduled for Saturday, January 6th, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at the University Branch Library(14010 University Blvd, Sugar Land, TX 77479). 

“The fact is, Asian American applicants face a tough time at the nation’s most prestigious and highly ranked colleges”, said Ms. Amos. “This is why I try to warn students that presenting themselves as a math-and-science genius who loves music and art, or who has similar qualities of other students will cause them to be profiled as the 'Stereotypical Asian Applicant,' which will ruin their chances of admission." 

To win a spot at Ivy League universities, students will have to differentiate their achievements and qualifications from others. They will need to learn how to sell, promote, and market themselves to gain a competitive advantage, position themselves to stand out, and win the hearts and minds of the admissions committee. 

Asians are among the highest-income, best-educated, and fastest-growing groups in the nation, and Ms. Amos wants to show them how to increase their chances of admissions into the top colleges and universities. However, to play the admissions game, students will need to know the rules that the colleges play by. Unfortunately, many colleges are misleading prospective applicants about HOW and WHY they choose students for their freshman classes. The Ivy Prep seminar will give parents and students valuable tips, strategies, and advice to gain admission into colleges like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, UPenn, Columbia, Brown, plus many other prestigious universities.

  • How to win admission into your dream schools
  • “How” and “Why” admission decisions are really made – learn the role that institutional goals, enrollment management, affirmative action, influence-peddling, quotas, brand management, and bias plays in who gets accepted and who gets rejected
  • How to become “Harvard material”
  • How to avoid being the common BWRK (Bright-Well-Rounded-Kid) or the stereotypical Asian applicant
  • How to stand out and gain an edge over your ambitious classmates for admission into the top Ivy League colleges
  • How to S.P.A.M. - Sell, Promote, And Market yourself successfully to admission officers

This seminar is being presented by Yvette Amos, who is the author of the upcoming book “The Business of College Admission” and founder of Vantage College Advisors, a top college advising company with offices in Washington DC and Houston, Texas. She is one of the top experts in the college admission field, has over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share with students and parents.

College admission is big business…learn how to speak the college’s language to achieve admission success

College admission is a game…learn the rules to play it successfully


College admission is a sales and marketing presentation…learn the art of selling yourself

If you are Ivy-bound, then attending this ground-breaking and informative seminar will be the key to your admission success. This seminar is open to all grade levels but seating is limited.